College Tennis Winter Showcase

Winter 2021

The best college tennis recruiting event of the year!

A 2-Day Recruiting Event part of the USP College Showcase Circuit.

Play in front of invited college coaches from NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA institutions from across the country and meet them in person. In the 2018 College Tennis Winter Showcase, 118 college coaches were in attendance.

Since 2004, University Sports Program has organized college tennis showcases where hundreds of athletes from the US and all over the world have received scholarship offers.

The event will include singles and doubles matchplay in a format that allows coaches to get a good sense of their current level and potential. Every player will live the college tennis experience to its fullest! During the showcase, players will be representing their own college team. They will play singles and doubles format adding points to their team.

All singles matches will count towards UTR rating. College coaches will have access to each players' complete profile on the showcase online platform and can communicate with players before or after the event. Players will be able to meet with coaches in person at any time during the showcase.

Team Matchplay

The USP Showcase is played in a unique College-Style Team Matchplay, that provides the full college experience for players and allow coaches to evaluate players even better.

Players will compete representing their teams and earning points for their teams during the two days of the event, all players will play three singles and two doubles matches, all matches will count towards UTR.

Interaction with College Coaches

Getting exposure and showing your talent on the court is very important, but what happens off the court is equally important, at the showcase you will have the opportunity to interact with many coaches, you will be able to introduce yourself, show them your interest and ask questions.

College Coaches Expo

The Expo is one of the highlights of the Event, College Coaches have their own table to seat one-on-one with players who have the opportunity to introduce themselves and interact with coaches in a unique way.

51 College Coaches participated in the 2019 Coaches Expo during the Winter Showcase.

More than 500 Universities have attended the usp college tennis showcase circuit.

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