We believe in college education and we are here to help students find the right University.

Our guidance helps families to navigate the overwhelming process of college selection, recruitment, and admissions.

Our Background

University Sports Program has been involved in college athletic recruiting for 28 years and organizing College Tennis Showcases since 2001. Over 1800 student-athletes have been successfully placed in prestigious universities with attractive athletic and/or academic scholarships.

Some of the colleges include Harvard, Dartmouth, Rice, UPenn, Miami, Florida State, Auburn, Davidson, Alabama, Baylor, TCU, South Carolina, Pepperdine, Purdue, Louisville, Notre Dame, Tulane, Florida, Kentucky, Lehigh, Clemson, Boston, Oklahoma, Hofstra, Kenyon, Kansas, St. John’s, Georgetown, George Washington, South Carolina, Denver, and many more.

The Staff

USP founder and President, Thomas Anderson is considered one of the most reputable persons in the college recruiting industry.

The USP staff is composed of professional college counselors with many years of experience working with student-athletes.

Staff assignments vary and are held to the highest possible standards. It includes a Tour/Showcase director, event coordinators, college placement advisors & scouts, and former college tennis players, among others.