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Federico Rojas

Federico Rojas

Certified Advisor

Born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, my career has always been dedicated to the world of sports. I started as a sportscaster on Radio Puerto Cabello (1290 AM) with the baseball scorer Gil Reyes when I was 14 years old. Through Reyes, I was also linked in the world of scoring and certified as an Official Scorer (Later I had a brief internship in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League). From then on I had various experiences in regional media (Carabobo, Venezuela) until 2008 when I was appointed General Manager of the Deportes Unión Radio 1110 AM station (Valencia, Venezuela).

In the media, in addition to radio experiences, I also served as a correspondent for Diario Líder and Diario Meridiano for regional and international coverage, including Uefa Champions League Finals (2008, 2009, and 2011), as well as in Diario Notitarde.

At television, I was involved in various regional projects and at the national level, I worked for a couple of seasons on the  Sport Plus channel (Caracas, Venezuela), serving as a narrator and commentator on NBA and NCAA matches.

In the academic section, I worked at the Arturo Michelena University (San Diego, Carabobo) with the courses of Sports Journalism. While at an international level, from the year 2015 I was in charge of the Football Business Fundamentals and Sport Management Fundamentals courses with the Johan Cruyff Institute of Barcelona, Spain.

Currently, I am the General Manager of Trotamundos de Carabobo BBC (Venezuelan Professional Basketball League) team with which we achieved the championship last season 2019. In three years in the GM role, we have been able to go to two finals and obtain the first title in 13 years.

In addition to this at the LVBP, I worked with the Navegantes del Magallanes organization, where I have worked as an analyst (data, advanced statistics, sabermetrics) for a couple of seasons.

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