Wednesday, Dec 04 - Thursday, Dec 05
(8:00 am - 6:00 pm)

Schedule details will be announced soon.

  • Singles and Doubles "Up & Down" Rotation
    Goal: To reach the TOP Court (# 1) POINT PLAY: 4 players per court / Singles / 10 points ROTATIONS: Winners move to next court in the direction to Top Court and Split Sides. Losers move to next court on the opposite side from Top Court and split sides.
  • Team Matches: Every player will live the college tennis experience to its fullest! During the showcase, players will be representing their own college team. They will play singles and doubles format adding points to their team.
  • Grandstand Clinic: My College Tennis Experience with Former and Current College Tennis Players
  • College Coaches Expo & Networking
  • Doubles Matches
  • UTR Level Based Singles Matches
    Every match will count towards UTR
  • Recruiting Talks
    How to create your College List?
    How to get College Coaches to Respond?
  • Parents Talk
    Planning and maximizing your college search efforts. By Thomas Anderson and guest College Players Parents.
  • Lunch is included

Important Tips

  • Showcases are an integral part of your recruiting plan, that must also include other efforts such as communicating with college coaches, playing tournaments, sending videos, etc.
  • Relax, take your time to find your game. You will play for two days in front of coaches. Do not try to over impress.
  • You are being evaluated on and off the court. Act professional.
  • Pay attention to small details: How you dress; what you say; body language; review your social media pages
  • While on the court, do not worry which or how many coaches are watching you. Just focus on playing your best level that day.
  • Coaches do not have the time and chance to approach each player who they are interested in. Most will want to follow up at a future date. They have all your contact information.
  • Do not be shy to interact, ask questions, initiate contact, be yourself and act friendly. Make coaches remember you. Do not hesitate to approach any coach you are interested in speaking with.
  • Understand the rules on player coach - contacts.


NCAA Division I

  • A questionnaire and camp brochure may be sent at any time.
  • You may make an Unofficial Visit at any time (except during a Dead Period).
  • Starting September 1st of Junior Year, letters and emails can be sent.
  • Starting July 1st after Junior Year, once a week telephone calls and off campus contact is allowed.
  • Official visits may occur after the 1st day of your Senior Year.


  • Can send printed materials and call at any time.

NCAA Division II

Starting June 15th before a your Junior Year, a NCAA Division II program:

  • May begin sending letters and emails.
  • Can begin making unlimited telephone calls and sending text messages.
  • May have off campus contact with you and your family.

Starting June 15th after a your Junior Year, a NCAA Division II program:

  • Can provide an Official Visit.
  • A PSA may tryout on campus.

NCAA Division III

Division III tennis has fewer restrictions on email and phone calls:

  • Letters and emails may be sent at any time.
  • No limit on number of calls or when they can be made.

However, there are more stringent rules on in-person contact:

  • Off campus contact after your Junior Year.
  • Official visits may occur after the 1st day of your Senior Year

Questions you may ask college coaches

  • What Academic Program is your college best known for?
  • What is your graduation rate? the minimum SAT or ACT score for admissions?
  • How many players do you carry on your team?
  • How many are a freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors?
  • Where are the players from?
  • What number do you expect I can play my first year?
  • Can you describe your training and fitness program?
  • Is your team Nationally or Regionally ranked?
  • What is the cost of attendance for the year?
  • Does your school also offer academic scholarships?