College Tennis Winter Showcase 2017

SAT Nov 25

Arrive to Miami, FL

SUN Nov 26

Travel to Orlando, FL
Training Session

MON Nov 27

Training Session
Visits to UCF & Rollins College

TUE Nov 28

Training Session
Visit to USF

SATDec 02



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Editions of the USP International College Tennis Winter Showcase

650 +

Scholarships offers received

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Universities attended the 2016 USP Winter Showcase

The Showcase

The Most important College Tennis Recruiting Event in the world.

A Recruiting event where players will have the opportunity to play in front of guest college coaches coming from NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA institutions across the USA.

Since 2004, University Sports Program has organized college tennis showcases where hundreds of athletes from the US and all over the world have been recruited by colleges from the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA.

This event will include singles and doubles match play (short set) in a format that it allows coaches to get a good sense of their current level and potential. All matches will count towards their UTR rating. Every coach will have access to the players' information and will have the opportunity to meet in private players of their interest.

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BOYS: NOV 29 - NOV 30
GIRLS: NOV 30 - DEC 01


Your participation in the USP College Tennis Winter Showcase 2017.

Includes: Two days of match play in front of guest college coaches from across the country, networking and private meetings with coaches, UTR matchplay, college recruiting video, fitness testing, lunch, and more.


NOV 28 - DEC 02


Come to Miami and USP takes care of the rest. Get one day of training, one college visit and the USP Showcase.

Includes: All meals and accommodations, ground transportation, one training session, a visit to the University of Miami, and your participation in the USP Showcase.


Full Week

NOV 25 - DEC 02


The best week of college tennis: high-performance training and college visits ending with the USP Showcase

Includes: All meals and accommodations, ground transportation, training every day, guided visits to: UCF, Rollins College, USF and the University of Miami, and your participation in the USP Showcase.


USP Dashboard

Create and edit your profile for college coaches. Our dashboard will act as liaison for creating relationships with coaches. Players will be given direct communication with coaches and take the first step into their recruitment.

Gain as much as possible from our free resources:

  • Quiz your recruitment to walk you through the steps needed to take via a free award winning E-book.
  • Get ready for the SAT and TOEFL Tests
  • Get access to a free membership from UTR.
  • Learn how to make the perfect College Video.
  • Protect your trip, and much much more.
More than 450 Universities have attended the usp college tennis showcase circuit.

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